Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you'll find frequently asked questions about the BuyerCall service. Contact support if you are still having issues or have any additional questions.
FAQ: Pricing and Subscription
BuyerCall subscriptions are straight forward. You select a price plan that suits your dealership and subscribe using your credit card. Once you have subscribed you'll have access to all the features associated with the plan. You can start creating widgets, buttons or links and purchase add-ons like local numbers or toll-free numbers. Once you've placed the widgets, links or buttons on your website you'll start generating call leads. The subscription ends immediately when you cancel it through the settings page.
We provide a 30 day money back guarantee starting on the first day you subscribe to BuyerCall. After 30 days, the guarantee will expire and no refunds will be offered.
Yes. you are allocated minutes on a monthly basis. Any remaining minutes will not be carried over to the next month. Therefore, your total minutes will be reset every month. The minutes allocated is in accordance to the subscription you selected.
This hardly happens as we ensure all plans include enough minutes for the allocated number of agents. However, in case you reach your monthly minutes limit you can easily upgrade or change your plan to the next subscription plan on the settings page. Upon upgrade, which only takes a few seconds, you will have more minutes available immediately and continue to capture more leads. Please note, if you run out of minutes and you decide not to upgrade your widgets, buttons, links as well any additional add-ons, like local or toll-free numbers will stop working. It will only start working again when the month has ended and you've been allocated the new month's minutes limit.
No, unless you decided to purchase an annual plan. BuyerCall works on a month to month subscription basis, so there's no contract involved. You can cancel anytime. Once you cancel the BuyerCall service will stop and you will not be able to generate more leads through BuyerCall widgets, buttons, links or numbers.
You will be required to pay by credit card. Your subscription fee will automatically be deducted from your credit card on a monthly basis until you cancel your subscription. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. If you do not want to pay per credit card you will have to purchase our annual plans.
Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time from the settings page.
BuyerCall will stop working for you immediately. This means you will not receive any new leads calls and the widget, buttons, links and phone numbers associated with your subscription will stop working immediately. You will, however, still have access to all your leads. You will never lose them. You will also still have access to your settings where you can restart your subscription if you would like to start increasing your leads again.
Yes. We understand that growing a business is not cheap, so we provide discounts on request to make sure you are available to afford the service, but at the same time able to grow your business. If you would like to know more about the discounts please do not hesitate to contact us.
Call are billed in increments of single minutes (60) from the time a call is picked up and ended. We will always round to the next minute. Therefore, say you talk for 5 min and 30 seconds we will bill the call at 6 minutes. These minutes will then be deducted from your subscription.
Of course. We offer annual plans on request. When you select an annual plan you'll sign a contract for the year and pay a once-off fee. We do not offer refunds on annual plans. However, we do provide great discounts on annual plans. You can subscribe to an annual plan by contacting us now.
We offer all our subscriptions the same features. The difference between the subscriptions are total amount of minutes you get as well as the total amount of agents you can add to receive calls. The subscriptions include a monthly minute package, a number of agents you can assign to call routing and receive calls, call recording, voicemail, unlimited amount of widget, buttons or links, unlimited leads and access to our API. Local and toll-free numbers are not included in the subscriptions. However, you easily add-on numbers to your subscription by contacting us.
No, but we currently only offer our month-to-month subscription based on credit card payments. If you do not want to pay per credit card you would have to purchase one of our annual plans. All our annual plans come with a discount.
FAQ: Leads
A lead is a website visitor that wants to talk to you by clicking on a BuyerCall widget, button or link that you place on your website. Once the website visitor has clicked the widget, button or link and provided their phone number we'll connect them with you or one of your representatives within 20 seconds.
By optimizing your website by adding BuyerCall widgets, buttons or links you can entice the website visitor to talk to you right away. You can place BuyerCall widgets, buttons or links anywhere on your website or special pages making sure you never miss out on a call. Contact us for a demo to see the power of BuyerCall and how it can boost your internet sales.
A lead with a completed status is a lead that you've been connected with.
A missed lead is a lead that either tried to speak to you outside your schedule or if none of your representatives were available to take the call after the retries and reroutes.
Yes. You can either export your leads to CSV from the backend or export your leads to your favorite CRM, marketing tool or reporting tool using our API.
BuyerCall is flexible. You decide what information you capture from the lead. We can capture the lead's first name, last name, email address, phone number, ask the lead a question. The only mandatory field we require is the phone number field. You can specify which fields to capture while setting up your BuyerCall widget, button or link.
FAQ: Agents
An agent is one of your representatives that will receive a call from BuyerCall when a lead wants to talk to you. You specify your agents in the backend and setup their routing when creating a widget, button or link.
You can add agents (your representatives) to the agents section in the backend by clicking on the add 'agent' button.
The total agents you can add is determined by the BuyerCall subscription plan you selected. For instance, if you selected the Bronze plan you will only be able to add one agent and will only have the ability to route calls to one agent. If you selected a bigger subscription plan you will be able to add multiple agents (representatives) and make multiple custom call routes based on where you place a BuyerCall widget, button or link.
Yes. You can add a land line, mobile number or extension for a agent (representative). This means you will always receive the call even if it means you are on the move. Never miss out on a sale again.
Yes. You can specify land-lines, mobiles and/or a extensions for your agents. We can route to any kind of phone no matter where you are. All you have to do is specify the number and answer the phone.
FAQ: Widgets, Buttons and Links
A widget, button or link is a element you place on your dealership's website allowing a website visitor to talk to you or one of your representatives within 20 seconds. You can place a widget, button or link anywhere on your website or special pages.
Creating a BuyerCall widget, button or link is very easy. We added a wizard with a few steps to so that you can create a widget, button or link by yourself within 5 minutes. Never again would you have to rely on someone else to increase your website call leads. By following the wizard on the My Widgets page you can create full customized widgets, buttons and links and generate a short code snippet.
You can create an unlimited number of BuyerCall widgets, buttons or links. You should not be restricted on the amount of leads you can capture.
Yes. Widgets, buttons and links are fully customizable. You can change the images, colors, the position, call routing, availability and much more. We give you full control.
Yes. You can add as many widgets, buttons and links to your website. By adding multiple widgets, buttons and links you can not only increase your leads, but also customize your widgets, buttons and links for specific campaigns or vehicles. Don't be general, be specific and increase the quality of your lead.
Adding a widget, button or link to your website is very easy and can be done in 5 minutes. Just copy and paste the widget, button or link code snippet and past it in the footer of website page(s), depending on where you want to have it displayed.
Yes. We make it very easy to share a widget, button or link code snippet with anyone that is able to update your website. Once you've customized a widget, button or link you'll be able to enter an email address on the instructions page and share the code snippet straight from the backend.
Yes. With BuyerCall you are always in good hands. No matter if your website visitor is visiting your website on their desktop or mobile, we'll make sure they have the best experience and make it as easy as possible for everyone. We display mobile friendly widgets when a lead visits your website on mobile instead of the desktop version.
FAQ: Calls
Once a website visitor has provided their phone number we'll find your first available agent, based on the routing you specified, be it a land-line or mobile. Then we'll call the agent and the website visitor within 20 seconds and connect the call.
Once you or your representative answer the phone, we'll whisper the lead's name, question or any other information you want before you are connected to the website visitor. This will save you time and allow you to personalize ever call.
Once the website visitor answers the phone we'll whisper an introduction message that you specify and customized before connecting them with your representative.
Yes. You can specify any type of routing when setting up a widget, button or link in the backend. As long as you have the agent setup in the backend will you be able to route a call to them, be it their land-line, mobile or extension.
You can route calls to your representatives simultaneously, randomly or in sequence. You determine who needs to get the call first.
Yes. We allow you to record calls. We keep recordings up to 3 months for your convenience and quality purposes.
Yes. You can either choose not to be available and request an email from the lead or have a call go to voice-mail when you do not pick up a call.
Yes. We allow you to retry a call up to 3 times at different intervals, that you choose, if you or a representative did not answer the call the first time. So we can recall you and the lead automatically in 30 minutes or the next day automatically, making sure you never miss out on a lead.
Yes. We can route calls to land-lines, mobiles or extensions.
FAQ: Availability
Yes. We allow you to specify your time-zone, days available and time available on these days. You will only receive calls if you are available. You can choose to always be available and just receive an voice-mail if you do not answer. If you choose not to be available at certain times we'll not make the call, but still capture the lead and send you a email notification.
You can either allow the website visitor to leave a voice-mail or have them send you an email. We make sure you always capture the lead.
FAQ: Triggers
A trigger is way you can automatically request to talk to a website visitor. By setting up a trigger you can prompt, by time or page, a modal requesting a phone number from the visitor to talk to them. This means that when a visitor is browsing your website for a while or if they are looking at a specific vehicle you can ask them if they want to talk to you about the vehicle or their interest. This will increase your leads as well as your conversion rate.
Yes. You can fully customize a trigger. You will be able to setup a trigger when creating a widget, button or link. Setting up triggers will be one of the widget wizard steps. You set a trigger to happen after a certain period of time, such as to appear when a visitor is on your website for longer than 30 seconds.
Yes. You can setup a trigger to appear on only certain pages on your website. You just need to ensure the BuyerCall code snippet is on the page. You can use this feature to talk to visitors looking at specific specials or deals.
FAQ: Notifications
Yes. We'll send you a email notification every time you capture a lead with BuyerCall.
Yes. You customize the email notifications during the widget wizard steps to only receive email notifications for missed leads.
You can specify anyone to receive a email notification when a lead is captured. Send email notifications only to yourself or to all your agents or even specify custom recipients. It's fully customizable.
FAQ: Support
We only succeed if you succeed. Therefore, we are there when you need us. We can be reach by phone or by email all day long. Our customer support team will also regularly follow up with you to make sure you are getting the best out of BuyerCall or answer any questions you might have. Do you have a question or require support? Call us now or email us.
Yes. Just submit a support ticket in the backend and we'll gladly guide you through the process with a one-on-one consultation. We will also be following up with you on a monthly basis to make sure you are using BuyerCall to its full potential to increase your leads.